DIY Cardio Fun!

Workouts are supposed to be enjoyable, right? I know...some days are absolutely horrific and you are counting the minutes until the cardio is OVER...well today, thankfully, was not one of those days for me and after finishing my Back/Chest Lift, I grabbed a jump rope and headed down to the basketball court to entertain myself with :30 minutes of HIIT. Here's what I did:

1:00 min jump rope
Full court suicide
(I hit the top of the 3-pt arc, back to the baseline, half-court, back to the baseline, the opposite end 3-pt arc, back to the baseline, full court, back to baseline)
1:00 min jump rope
5 full court sprints (sprint one length, jog back, and so on)
1:00 min jump rope
Half-court Chunky Monkey Jumps/Half-court Frog Jumps
1:00 min jump rope
Half-court Bear Crawl/Half-court Crab Walk
1:00 min jump rope

Then I repeated this whole sequence again.

As a reward, I grabbed one of the basketballs off the rack and used it as a soccer ball. Soccer is one of my life passions and anytime I have an opportunity to practice juggling (keeping the ball in the air using feet/thighs/head/etc. without letting it hit floor-no hands!) I take it. If there's a ball of some fashion, I will use it. I love practicing my foot skills and dancing around the court imagining I'm the next Pele. :)

The bottom line is that exercise and training has to be fun. Period. If it's not enjoyable, then why do it. Life is too short. Play hard!!

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  1. That's about 72927832 times better than a dreadmill!!!