One of the greatest roadblocks to reaching one’s destiny is indecisiveness. We are faced with a multitude of choices in one day, one expert claims we make over 35,000 in the course of one day in the life. What time to get up in the morning? To gym or not to gym? Coffee at home or at the drive-thru? And the age-old struggle with what to wear? Decisions. Are you good at making them or do you waffle? Are you resolute in your choices or do you have the angel and devil on your shoulders battling back and forth as if you, the decision-maker, doesn’t exist?

We all have a myriad of choices to make and each of these choices influence our outlook on life and the path in which we are on. What choice did you make this morning? When your feet hit the floor? Did you sigh and rub your eyes and shuffle to the bathroom? Or did you stretch and remind yourself to say thank you for another day? While these two choices are drastic extremes, each makes a significant impact on your outlook on the world around you and the day that lies ahead.

The most beautiful thing about this life in which we lead is that each and every single day, when we wake up in the morning, we have a choice to think positively. To believe and feel as though we can and will accomplish whatever it is we want to in our lives. The more layers of negativity we surround ourselves with, the more dulled this feeling becomes. The more distant the utopia becomes.