TGIF my Friends!

So here we are, 8 weeks out from my first real competition...and this week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotion, I won't even try to sugar coat it for a moment. I was sick with a waning cold and after feeling like I had kicked it, my brain struggled to catch back up.

Today I forgot, flat out forgot to eat one of my meals and missed a starch in another meal...who does that? My appetite and brain were nowhere to be found today. My training was lackluster at best and I only got through 1/2 of my intended functional wkout.

I dragged myself home feeling exhausted and frustrated but consciously decided in that moment that the easy thing to do would be to snowball today with all the other struggles of the week. I could attribute it to overtraining, not eating enough, not sleeping enough...and while some of that very well may be true, today is not the day to focus my energy on these details....so, I decided to "lock it up" and compartmentalize it and move on to a new day.

This day is done and tomorrow has so much potential. I have some new tweaks to my diet from my coach and I have a new wkout to try and sprints with my teammate and dear friend Lori first thing. What's better than that?

I'm moving onward and upward and I'm readjusting my focus. 8 wks, 2 months, 60 days...however you want to think about it....it's a long time and a blink away all at once. Time to have FAITH, trust the process and most importantly, believe in ME! I've got this....we all do! Let's go girls! TGIF! xoxox

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  1. You are so right!!! Feeling pretty exhausted myself so this was nice to read!! Hope you are feeling so much better tomorrow!! And you already look phenomenal so the next 60 days is icing!