Having an "off" day? Let's talk about it.

Today I am feeling really tired, mentally and physically. As a result I am feeling a lot of doubt and frustration with my progress. No one really wants to talk about the bad days. The moments when you don't feel like a "shero," when you feel so far-removed from reaching your goals things actually start to feel a little bit hopeless, even if it is just for a passing moment. Blame it on being overtired, blame it on your hormones, blame it on whatever you want but, when you feel this way, there's not much that can "fix" it in the instant you want it fixed. Today is just one of those days...

So as a result, I've resigned myself to accept these feelings in this moment and I'm working hard to stay in the present and not allow these feelings to cloud my thinking about how far I have truly come in this journey. Through my emotional reasoning, I'm able to realize how grossly unfair that would be and THAT, in and of itself, is progress.

So for now, I am going to take a nap. Read a book. Stop the noise in my brain and focus on what's important, because it's ALL around me. I have a wonderful life. I am extremely fortunate to have my health and my family and a wonderful partner in my fiance. He is my best friend and he's currently slaving away in the kitchen preparing food for us for the week. He's cooking up everything from turkey meatloaf to roasted green veggies and he's even grilling chicken...he's amazing.

I have safety and love and I have gained so many incredible friendships throughout this journey thus far...I am truly blessed.

This is just the beginning for me and even though I'm having an "off" day, it does not define who I am and what this journey is all about. I will achieve this goal. I will witness the "magic" firsthand and I refuse to give in. I will never give up...

7 weeks.

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