Recommit...day in, day out!

One of the greatest challenges in the prep process for a fitness competition for me is sticking to the plan day in and day out. Some days I'm on point and feel like a rockstar and some days I feel like a slug who is constantly making excuses for herself. These sluggish days can be vastly detrimental during these vital weeks leading into a competition and I've had to work hard to find a strategy that helps me stay the course.

Just this week I realized the importance of recommitting to my goals every single day. Every morning at some point before my workout in the wee hours of the day, I think about all that is to be. I remind myself of what my ultimate goals are and then strategize in my head how I can stick to the plan all day long. I create a mantra in my head that I can go to when a weak moment strikes (i.e. birthday celebrations in the office...sweet tooth=major weakness!)

Reminding myself of my lofty goals, the progress I've already made and all those who are rooting for me...it makes it a lot easier to shake off the nonsense and stick with the plan when I hit a snag or a needless temptation.

11 weeks is going to fly by and every little bit counts! I believe in the beauty of my dreams and nothing is going to stop me from getting there!!

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